"...the preaching of the cross...is the power of God"

1 Corinthians 1:18


Baptist Church

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We heard a great message this Sunday from Pastor Burnet on Jesus feeding the five thousand, from John 6:1-15. Our pastor did a great job explaining the story – a story about how Jesus took what appeared to be an unsolvable problem and solved it. It was no problem at all! Jesus can overcome anything! I don’t think I was the only person challenged to believe Christ’s power a little bit more.

I was especially struck when Pastor pointed out Jesus’ response to the disciples. They are worried about money and resources, and they basically say “sorry, Jesus, we can’t take care of these folks today.” But Jesus just has everyone sit down, and then he says grace over the food. What food, Jesus!!? It’s as if He didn’t hear what they just said. Christ ignores everything the disciples just told him about only having this much money and only having this little boy’s lunch. And of course he shows that He is the Lord, Creator, and Master of the universe, and provides food for everyone.

We realize that the main point isn’t just about what a great trick Jesus did, getting everyone food. The idea is that at least a few people would recognize Jesus for who He is, and recognize that just as he provides bread for a crowd, he can provide spiritual life and sustenance to humanity. And just as he ignored the objections of the disciples when it came to food, doesn’t he still today ignore the objections of unbelief? People say that there is no God, but he’s saving people around the world anyway. People say that Jesus didn’t really rise from the dead, and yet there he is, up in Heaven, giving people new life all the time. People say that there’s no way we can serve God, we don’t have the money, we don’t have the resources, whatever. Jesus doesn’t care about those objections. He took five loaves and two fishes and fed a multitude. He is ready to take the simple gospel message that is in our hearts and transform lives all around the Quad Cities. We have that gospel, don’t we? Well, it is the lifegiving Bread from Jesus Christ. Let’s feed thousands with it!

P.S. Here’s a recording of the song we sang this morning, “Let the Earth Resound,” sung by Kristyn Getty, if anyone wants to learn it a little better during the week.