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Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM - Prayer Focus

January 1- New Year's Day

January 15- Senior Lunch at Maple Leaf Geneseo, 11:30AM

January 20- Communion- 6 PM

January 21- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 26- Men's Bible Study at Brothers' 8 AM

January 26- Ladies' Bible Study at Church 10:30 AM

January 27- Rosewood Care Center Service- 2 PM

January 27- Guest Speaker- Pastor Ron Burnet

January 29- Pastors' Book Club 10 AM




We welcome any emails or phone calls if you have questions about any of the events we list on our page.

January 2019


Baptist Church

Crosstown Baptist Church
801 3rd Street Silvis, IL 61282

"...the preaching of the cross...is the power of God"

1 Corinthians 1:18