Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM - Prayer Focus

March 5- Senior Lunch, Lisa's Atkinson- 11:30am

March 9- Camp Representative Meeting-Camp Manitoumi

March 10- Daylight Saving's Time

March 17- Communion- 6PM

March 19- Senior Lunch, Brother's Rapids City- 11:30am

March 24- Rosewood Care Center Service- 2pm

March 31- 5th Sunday Fellowship- 6pm




We welcome any emails or phone calls if you have questions about any of the events we list on our page.


Baptist Church

"...the preaching of the cross...is the power of God"

1 Corinthians 1:18

Crosstown Baptist Church
801 3rd Street Silvis, IL 61282

801 3rd Street   Silvis, IL 61282        (309)792-3595

March 2019